My name is Joanna and I think I speak Italian when in reality I’m usually speaking 8th grade Spanish. But I make up for my ignorance with my exuberance!

I love cooking, eating, and traveling – mostly in that order. I grew up in a family that showed their love through food (in my humble opinion, my mom is the best cook in the world), and I spent many of my years cooking and serving food for a living. I’m now incredibly lucky to be working for a coffee roaster that has me traveling around the country (mostly in the Northeast US), selling great coffee and spreading my passion for all things delicious!


My husband and I have traveled around a fair amount, but I’m so excited to explore more uncharted territory, both here in the States and abroad. And of course, finding more delicious places to eat!

My family (including my ridiculously adorable niece) are my life, and we love hosting family and friends for home cooked meals.

2014-09-01 10.09.43

So join me as I show you my secrets in the kitchen, as well as when I eat at hole-in-the-wall places throughout the country and beyond!

2014-08-13 10.52.04



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