Honey Ginger + Lemon Tea!

It’s cold and flu season, and it feels like everyone around me has been coughing or suffering from chest congestion. And we’re expecting some more snow tonight, which makes me want to hunker down with a book, my electric blanket, and some awesome tea.

Cue my honey ginger and lemon concoction! I buy lemons and ginger whenever I’m shopping – it’s easy to throw a couple of lemons and a knob of ginger in my cart, and I have high hopes that I’ll make loads of ginger lemon tea. Then a month or so later, I’ll have to throw out the mushy lemon/ginger (while also cleaning out the yucky produce drawer where all of my good intentions go to die)!

Except NOW, I figured out that I can do all of my prep work ahead of time – and keep a jar of honey ginger and lemon goodness for tea WHENEVER I WANT. I made a big jar of this last week, and kept drinking giant mugs of heavenly tea – and after one of my friends raved about how awesome it was, I figured I would share with ya’ll on how I do it!

It’s so simple. Start with some washed lemons and ginger.


My first jar of this, I kept the skins on the ginger since I’m not technically eating the ginger pieces. But for you guys (and for my mom since I’m making her a jar of this!), I decided to quickly peel the ginger. And I totally forgot to add my jar of honey to this pic. Pretend the empty jar on top is full of delicious honey.


I learned in culinary class that you can easily peel ginger with a spoon! I use a teaspoon every time – and the skin comes off easily and quickly.


Slice up your lemons and peeled ginger. You can also cut your lemons into wedges!


Start to layer into your jar: honey, lemon slices, and ginger slices.


On my first go around, I packed the lemons and ginger slices in, and tried to pour the honey so that it could go into the nooks and crannies. That unfortunately, didn’t work (the honey got stuck in the top few layers) – so I had to dig out the couple of layers of lemons and ginger which resulted in honey EVERYWHERE. So now I’ve learned! Parfait style is best.


Look how yummy that looks! Cap and refrigerate. This will last in your fridge for a few weeks. I went through a jam jar size of this within 3 days! Honey lemon ginger for days~


Spoon a couple of spoonfuls of honey + ginger + lemon into your favorite cup, and top with hot water. And enjoy!

I’ve been drinking this morning, afternoon, and night. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Honey Ginger + Lemon Tea!

  1. I love this idea! I presently have a house full of sickies…imagine of they made their own tea all the extra me time I’d have! Hahaha, yeah right. Thank you for the instructions paired with beautiful photos!

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