Oregano all about it!

I’ve mentioned in prior posts about my AWESOME balcony herb garden (thanks Tony and Erin!). And my oregano and thyme have been killing it this year (as well as my basil! Look at them grow!).


I wanted to dry some of my giant bounty up to use during the winter, so I cut a handful of oregano and tied it up with some twine. My kitchen ceilings have these super random hooks that a prior tenant had put up right by the windows, so I used them to hang my bunch of oregano.

A week later, my herbs were fully dry!


I bought some small jars at Home Goods (man I love Home Goods) to store my herbs in. I plucked all the leaves (basically held one end and ran my fingers down the stem) and poured them into my jar.


This was INSANELY easy! And I’ll have SO MUCH oregano to use for tomato sauces and lamb dishes and all sorts of other things! Keep in a cool, dark place and use as needed.


I felt like SUCH a domestic goddess after I did this, and it only took me a few minutes!

Anyone else really dreading the end of summer?


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