Homemade Bruschetta

I ADORE homemade bruschetta – I first had it in college and was like, WHA! So much flavor!! I love this recipe from the Pioneer Woman – I’ve made this countless times, and the thing that really makes this recipe so wonderful is cooking the garlic in olive oil. That step makes this whole dish have this wonderfully aromatic garlicky smell – which is the best thing!!

My basil plant has been HUGEEEEE lately, which is awesome! This is the first time I’ve been able to keep a basil alive all summer, which is a huge improvement from the countless basil plants I’ve accidentally murdered with either no water or too much water. Look at my wonderful container garden! We have a fairly large balcony at our apartment, and our friends Tony and Erin brought me our herb garden when I expressed my desire to “garden” out there this summer. I added a tomato plant and a lemon tree, plus planted some jalapenos, so it’s been a fun summer of watching the “crops” grow!


I went out and picked a giant handful of basil – I’m obviously not going to run out.


Here’s are our ingredients:


  • 3 cups of cherry tomatoes
  • handful of basil
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper


Slice your gorgeous tomatoes in half. There’s a “fast” way to do it where you place them on a plate, throw another plate on top, and slice it through, but I found that method to be really uneven. And I wanted the bruschetta to look REALLY good, so I just sliced them by hand. Easy peasy, it only took about 5 minutes.


I then drizzled some olive oil in my pan, and browned my chopped up garlic. Watch this, because it can burn on you REALLY quickly! And burned garlic = burnt bitter nasty bits, no one wants that! Ideally, you would brown the garlic a bit more than what you see below.


Cut your fresh basil into ribbons! Roll your basil up into a basil burrito, and slice thinly with a sharp knife.


Add everything into a bowl – your sliced tomatoes, basil ribbons, cooked garlic and all that wonderfully garlicky olive oil, and drizzle on your balsamic!


Mix, and enjoy!


I love this after it’s sat for about 30-45 minutes, and I love it even more the next day when everything has melded together. SO DELICIOUS. You can top salads with this, you can top chicken with this, or just simple buttered crostinis. What we did was throw some beautifully soft goat cheese on top of country bread, and topped it with the bruschetta.


Please sir, may I have some more??

This is wonderful to bring to a picnic or to a friend’s house as apps. So easy, and can be devoured at room temp (which is the temperature you’re going for!). Easy peasy, and so delicious.


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