Eating in New England

I travel for work almost every other week – so find myself up in the Boston area a lot. I used to live in Inman Square in Cambridge, MA so tend to stay in hotels near the area so that I can visit some of my favorite restaurants with old friends in tow! It’s really a great perk to be able to have dinner with friends who live states away on a regular basis.

I usually hit up Ebi Sushi for lunch when I land. They’re literally only 15 minutes from Logan Airport, and their lunches are AMAZING. I’m there so often that the servers and the sushi chefs are starting to recognize me. It’s like my very own Cheers!

ebiCould anything be more glorious?

When I travel I tend to crave foods that tend to be more Asian (i.e. Korean/Japanese/Hot Pot/Taiwanese) since those are the foods of my childhood, and it’s super comforting.

Hwe Dup Bap (Wikipedia Page here – it’s literally like a sashimi salad over rice) from the food court in H Mart Burlington was an awesome lunch when I was running around between meetings and only had 30 minutes to grab something to eat.

2015-07-21 12.30.28

I am also a HUGE fan of Vietnamese food, and pulled over to eat a dish of shrimp and pork ban (also another “salad” dish, but Vietnamese style with rice noodles!) for dinner when GPS showed that it would take me an hour to get back to my hotel one early evening.

How perfect does that sunny side egg look??2015-07-21 18.30.04

One random night, I also found myself unable to sleep, completely craving some pizza and wings. It was midnight, there was no way I was going to be able to find somewhere that delivered to my hotel that late, so I forced myself to go to sleep, and promised myself some banging coal fired pizza the next day.

And find it I did! I stopped at Max and Leo’s after reading Yelp review after review about how amazing their pizzas were! I wasn’t disappointed with my 10″ margarita, nor was I disappointed by their coal fired wings. HOLY COW. They were habanero honey wings, and they were AH-MAZING. It was a good thing I was eating alone because I was eating with my hands, and grabbing every bit of habanero honey with my pizza crust. It was finger licking good! I had to go wash my hands twice afterwards, I kept feeling the habanero underneath my fingernails. WORTH IT!

2015-07-22 12.22.48You must be wondering where all the pictures of lobstah and chowdah are, but we had SO MUCH lobster (I know, boo hoo us) during July 4th weekend, that I’m still on a lobster break!

Mmmm… thinking about these meals are starting to make me hungry…


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