Pickled Radish – your new best friend!

I love pickled radishes. They’re perfect to bring in some sweet and sour crunch to everything from grilled meats (I had some with lamb last night!) to hot dogs. And they’re so easy to make!

2015-07-14 15.42.54Here are the ingredients: vinegar, sugar, salt, daikon radish (you can sub for regular radish here as well), and water (not pictured). I love my giant Costco sized vinegar – I use vinegar for everything from cleaning to cooking, so go through one of these giant bottles almost quarterly. I’m a huge fan!

2015-07-14 15.44.11

Start out by peeling your radish if you’re using daikon radish. If using regular radish you can leave the skin on, just wash thoroughly. I am obsessed with this vegetable peeler by the way – makes peeling so easy (and fast!). Back when I worked as a cook and had to peel like 100lbs of potatoes, this handy dandy tool saved my life. Other peelers don’t cut it (and believe me – I’ve tried a bunch!), and I always make sure to have this in my tool kit. I used to have like five kicking around, but after giving so many away, am down to this one.

I keep a plastic bag handy to catch all of the peels as I work. It keeps things organized and your area clean, and once you’re done, just tie up the bag and throw it in your trash! Or dump the contents of the bag in your compost if you compost.

2015-07-14 16.05.06

Start slicing the radish as thin as you can, then you can cut them in match sticks. I have a mandolin, but I do this considerably faster with my chef’s knife, so tend to just do it that way. Feel free to do this however you feel comfortable!

If there was ever a fire in my house, my knives will be what I grab to leave the house with. Not my electronics or even my clothes – my knives have been such an important part of my life, and was the very first thing I bought when I received my first paycheck. My Wusthofs are like an extension of my hand, and have served me so well – I’ve had them for over a decade, and they’re the all stars in my kitchen! It’s important to feel the weight of a knife in your hand before you buy them – I found Henckels to be too heavy for my wrist.

2015-07-14 16.23.16

I reuse ALL of my jars. What you see above is an empty pickle jar and an empty kimchee jar. I thought about buying pretty mason jars and using them for this post, but then I got lazy. 🙂

Anyway – I made one jar with sliced radishes, and one with matchsticks. The matchsticks are perfect for Bahn Mi hot dogs (hot dogs with sriracha mayo, sliced cucumber, pickled radish, and sliced jalapeños – out of this WORLD), and the sliced radishes are perfect for eating with rice or noodles (like Korean neng myun).

You can add anything from sliced jalapeños to other herbs/spices as you would like – I normally do a spicy jar with whole peppercorns and jalapeños, but decided to keep these super simple – at least until my jalapeño plants start giving me some peppers!

The brining liquid is SO EASY – it’s one part water, sugar, and vinegar with a pinch of salt! I used 1 cup of each for the two jars. Just mix and pour. SO EASY!2015-07-14 16.26.45I then seal the top, then store them on my kitchen counter for a night, then they’re stored in the fridge. I keep them upside down initially so that the radishes near the top can get all yummy without needing to dig around the bottom for a perfectly sweet/sour/crunchy radish!

These will be ready to eat tomorrow. And they will last us maybe a month. Sometimes way less time than that depending on what we’re eating. We’ve been OBSESSED with bahn mi hot dogs lately, especially with the summer! I’ll be sure to do a post on how we do those soon.

Hope you enjoy these! They’re my favorite condiment in the summer!

Printable Recipe: Pickled Radish



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