Lamb chops – Giada style

I’m a huge fan of Giada’s lamb chops: Grilled Lamb Chops

Here are the ingredients: fresh thyme, rosemary, lamb chops (I got these from Costco – I’m a huge fan of Costco’s meat department), olive oil, salt, cayenne, and garlic!
IMG_0214I put a giant container of peeled garlic in a food processor and keep it frozen in the freezer so that I can just break off portions as I need them. So much easier and less work!

And when putting together marinade ingredients, I use a Ziplock bag. Ziplock bags are my BFF’s – it reduces clean up and keeps things organized in my fridge/freezer. ANYTHING to make things simpler, I’ll do.

The recipe said to use a food processor, but I haaaate cleaning my food processor (especially for such a small amount of ingredients), and I felt like more of the herbs ended up on the side of the processor the last time I made this, so I opted to go more hands on this time around. I diced up the herbs, then mixed it in the Ziplock bag with the rest of the ingredients.
IMG_0227Put lamb in the ziplock and massage it through until all of the chops are covered.

Marinate for an hour or overnight. I have mine in the fridge until dinner time!


…dinner time!

Love cooking and eating outside in the summer! Please ignore our beaten up grill – I’ve used this Weber Baby Q for almost a decade and it’s served me faithfully all these years – and has moved around MA and now hangs out with me in NYC.

We grilled up the lamb chops with some scallions. I’ve been OBSESSED with grilled scallions since I first had them several months ago.

Super easy peasy – wash and trim a bunch of scallions, drizzle with olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt.

The chops are perfect at 3 min on each side, so when flipping them over, throw the scallions on the grill and both chops and scallions are done at the same time!

I served dinner with rice and pickled radishes. Alex (my hubs) wasn’t sure how he would like the lamb dinner, but he loved it!

 Noms noms noms.

Printable Recipe: Lamb Chops – Giada Style

Giada Lamb


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