Dallas and Beer

So I just came back from a work trip to Dallas!

I have a buddy who is an exec chef at a new craft beer place: http://unionbear.com/

And man, did I get fed while I was down there!!!

I’m a huge fan of the local food movement (which is a bit harder to do here in the Northeast with our winters), but in Texas I think they have a wider range and variety (although it can’t compare to what’s available in California)! Everything he did was locally sourced, and you could tell it was a free range coddled egg I broke into because it had this gorgeous orange/yellow yolk! I wish I took pictures of the food I ate, it was that good (I know! Bad blogger, bad!).

They had over 40+ beers on tap, and I’m not a big drinker but the bartender had a flight of beers in front of me while John (my friend) kept sending out dishes from the kitchen. The craft beers I sampled were insanely good, and I kept wishing I didn’t drive there so that I could taste all 40 (and instead settled on just 5).

I love that my job lets me travel around the country and meet up with old friends I normally wouldn’t get a chance to see!


One thought on “Dallas and Beer

  1. Eating and traveling make for a good blog topic. I hope that you get to enjoy more of those long “flights”.
    Food pairing with craft beer is one of the hot trends, and deservedly so. Wine has had its time in the spotlight long enough. If you want to do your own craft beer pairing, try cheese and craft beer pairing.

    Craft beer and cheese go very well together, and it’s an easy way to pair craft beer.

    Recently, I wrote an article on a flight of cheeses with craft beer. It was finished with a choice of two desserts. I chose tarte tatin – one of my favs. You can see on our site the suggested menu and tips if you wish to. Enjoy!


    David Ivey
    Black Bucket Brew Inbox Magazine Editor

    PS. Check out our free e-book and mag.

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